Functional Physio is a group of highly-experienced physiotherapists who specialise in treating back, neck, sports and occupational injuries. We treat a broad range of musculoskeletal problems that affect adults, teenagers and children.

What is our focus of Treatment at Functional Physio?

We focus not only on treating the condition or injury directly but also on addressing the underlying cause through a comprehensive assessment and then by implementing the appropriateĀ solution to correct the cause.

Do you qualify for an ACC physiotherapy subsidy?

To qualify for an ACC subsidy you need to have had an accident or have received an injury involving an external force. This could have happened at work, home or on a sports field. Our expert physiotherapists can help you through an accurate diagnosis, evidence based treatment, rehabilitation and injury prevention strategies.


Sore back not getting better?

Functional Physio has been successfully incorporating the MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine in the treatment of our back pain patients for over twelve years.

Numerous research studies back up the effectiveness of treatment with the MedX Back Machine and you can read testimonials from patients whose lives have been dramatically changed by undergoing treatment here at Functional Physio.

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